Hi. I’m Omkari.

I’m a speaker, writer and coach for people consciously committed to living their life with clarity, passion and the joy that comes from living intentionally. I bring a solutions-oriented, non-judgmental approach to my clients. Exploring the stories they hold, tell, and live leads to the steps that allow them to make profound changes in their lives.

My work with people as different as Fortune 500 execs, politicians, and artists has led me to blend techniques from life and creativity coaching, as well as the world of storytelling, into a unique method that addresses the whole person.

You may be here because even though your life is pretty great, you are interested in a deeper experience of life. Maybe you’re here because you are struggling right now and are looking for guidance. Whatever your reason, I’m glad that you’re here.

Here are some things you might want to check out on my site:

My Blog: Lots of articles on various aspects of living intentionally.

Links: Here are links to some of the articles that I’ve written for Elephant Journal, The Tattooed Buddha, and My Empowered World and Paprika Southern magazine.

I also write a regular newsletter where I discuss aspects of life that come up in my coaching sessions with clients.

If you feel that one-on-one coaching is what you need at this time, you can reach out through my contact form or learn more about working with me. I also invite you to read what other clients have said.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and enjoy looking around.