Live Your Great Story


I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Omkari and my passion is to help creative and spiritually minded people create new pathways, pathways which will get them to the life they want to be living now.

We build our lives with the stories we tell ourselves each day, each moment. What we sometimes forget is that creating a new path means we have to create a new story. And our stories not only connect us to our dreams for ourselves, they also build the bridges that create community. Sharing our most important stories opens us to the generosity within us and allows us to receive the generosity of others.

One of the greatest gifts of being human is that we can change the stories that we have outgrown. We can write new stories that are a better fit for who, and where, we are now.

Perhaps your youngest has just gone off to college and being “Mom or Dad” is no longer your day-to-day occupation. Maybe you’re changing careers or going through a divorce and the words you long used to describe yourself no longer apply.

Or maybe you’ve truly realized that life is short and the time has come for you to attend to your own goals and dreams with the same commitment you previously applied to the goals and dreams of others.

The common thread in all these situations is that the story of your life is evolving. The story that you’ve been living no longer fits and it’s time for an edit, a new chapter or maybe even a rewrite.

Join me and learn how to ask the questions that will lead you to answering the question “What’s next?” in a joyful and wholehearted way.

Your life is your story and your story is your life. You deserve to live a story that matches your most heartfelt dream. Join me in the adventure of uncovering, recovering, discovering and sharing the unique story each of us is meant to live. Take a look around, read some Blog posts and learn more About me.

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Start Here to Design and Live Your Best Life

It is my joy to work with smart, creative and curious women to help them design and live a deeply fulfilling life. In the blog you’ll find articles to inspire, encourage and challenge you.

We often feel that we can’t make significant changes in the life we are currently living, but I don’t believe that’s true. By using simple yet powerful tools we are able to make profound changes…as you explore this site you’ll see what I mean.

Does This Sound Like You?

“My life is going…okay. I have a good job and a family that I love but I just feel that so many of the other things that matter, so many of my dreams are being left by the wayside.”


I Know Exactly What You Mean

That was exactly the position that I found myself in some years back. Figuring out how to start living the life I was dreaming of led to a career change. Now I get to help amazing people do the same in their lives. How lucky I am!