Omkari Williams began her career as an actor in New York City so public speaking was always in her wheelhouse. Eventually, feeling constrained by fictional roles she moved into working with politicians and entrepreneurs helping them craft and refine their message, the story that they wanted to share.

She has coached and spoken to gatherings of Fortune 500 executives, politicians and political groups, professionals and creatives on retreats. Regardless of the group, she has found that story underpins everything in business as well as in life. Working from the premise that story is the foundation of our human experience and the bridge that connects us to others opened up new ways for her clients to engage with their clients.

Omkari speaks on many different aspects of story, tailoring each talk or workshop to the event and group she is speaking to.

Her Signature Topics include:

> The Gifts of Story: How sharing your story connects you to the listener.

> Story and Business: Your client has a story of their own. How you hear and intersect with their story will determine the relationship and degree of loyalty that you get from those clients.

> Freedom Through Story: Break Limiting Patterns by Exploring Your Personal Story

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