Together we will create a coaching plan to address your goals, obstacles and your life. Whether you wish to bring a creative and story-based approach to your business, your life – or both – my coaching services can help you live a more engaged, fulfilling and meaningful life.

What I Do:

  • Guide you in creating a life you love drawing on the wisdom of the past while keeping our eyes on your vision of the future.
  • Arm you with a toolkit of strategies and techniques to call on when you find yourself getting off track.
  • Guide you in becoming your own coach.

In your sessions you will:

  • Use the tools of story to bring increased clarity and harmony into your life and relationships
  • Become aware of what it is that you truly want and need to live a life you love
  • Gain clarity on what it will take to create that for yourself
  • Find creative ways to incorporate you most important desires into your everyday life
  • Develop the courage to keep you on your path no matter what
  • Learn how to build your community of others living lives they love

We will schedule an initial complementary consultation to answer your questions. This will allow us to experience of what it is like to work together. After each coaching session you receive an email follow up to help keep your momentum going.

Click here to book your complimentary consultation.